General info
Born in 1984, Lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Over the past ten years, Liran has been involved in the making of Israel’s top TV commercials, major networks’ promos and music videos. He began to direct films at the age of 15, served the army at Israeli Air Force Film Unit and when he was 21 he became a creative director for snowball VFX animation studios.
Since then Liran working as a freelance creator & director.
Recently he finished a short comic documentary movie called “Matkot - The End”, the movie deals with Israel's infamous "Chutzpah", It’s turn to a big viral hit in Israel and grab over than 100,000 views on Youtube and screened via film festivals in London & San Diego (CA).
Currently, Liran's working on "The Sleep Project". An innovative new media project that invites people from all over the world to share their dreams on a social platform. These dreams will serve as the basis for a first web series of its kind – a series based on our scripts, our dreams.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Aug 2012 - Present
Producer & Director
The Sleep Project is a first of its kind -- a worldwide collective dream journal that evolves into a web series, written by you, in your sleep.
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Tel Aviv, Israel
Jul 2006 - Aug 2012
Commercial Director
Specializing in TV commercials, major networks’ promos and music videos. Won 2008 BDA award for Keshet-TV website “Origami Campaign”, and several PROMAX awards.
Nominated for Best Animation Music video (The Aprons - Sound Stain) on several festivals worldwide - SICAF Seoul, Animest Bucharest and KLIK! Amsterdam.
Won the Animation category on Barcelona's Musiclip festival.

Among my clients are: McCann Erickson, Keshet-TV, Channel 10, HOT, Channel 24 and more.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Sep 2005 - May 2006
Producer & Creative Director
Involved at the creating of Coca-Cola World Tour film for the football world cup 2006 in South Africa and supervised the animation TV series: Vipo - The adventures of a flying dog.